måndag 16 maj 2011

Torn xD

I am so torn...do I want a docile fluffball, or a shorthaired rocket? I thought that I might need to have at least a 'hunch' of what I want when I go to the pet store (unfortunatly I will be getting my syrian at the pet store)

Or maybe a compromise? Fluffball rocket? xD Not really much to say today, I'm making up a list of all the supplies I'll be getting :D

söndag 15 maj 2011

The Criceti 15

The Criceti 15
First I was going to get a 130 litre bin from IKEA for the new syrian. But while I was at a midsummer party at a friends house - I spotted a empty Criceti 15 in his yard! It was actually his brothers cage that he had used for two rats. (This is not a suitable rat cage) and he was selling it! I got it cheaply for 300 crownes  (£ 29.39)
After four hours of disinfecting it at his house, I brot it home! Now it's standing under Arrow's cage, looking incredibly big! The measurements are 80x50x40cm.